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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Results from Affirming Well-Being

Good Morning!

I don't normally go to bed by writing a list of self-affirming statements, but last night I did just that ((see my May 29, 2012 post "Affirming Well-Being" to read what I wrote last night before falling asleep (hint: it's the post before this post)).

I don`t think it's "all in my mind:" I actually feel much more self-assured today. I even walked by the mirror and saw how my eyes so nicely matched the shirt I was wearing. I said "wow, you're one good-looking woman!"

I was thinking about it yesterday, about how unnatural it seems to me that I would think of myself as anything but beautiful. Some people blame it on Mattel's Barbie- I don't believe that. We definitely get into patterns of belief about ourselves, and how many people on our planet actually LOVE the way they look on the outside, the way they feel on the inside, or the way they think and act? I have a feeling that it was not only me last night who was needing a boost of self-love.

So what gives? Should we figure out who to blame next: TV or our parents' generation? Should we continue to blame ourselves to no avail? And if we are about to take ownership for our self-image, then what are we going to do about it?

I'm not a huge proponent of reading self-affirmations over and over. It's said to work, but I just don't trust that if you read something that isn't true to you, it will become true to you if you keep doing it over and over. I do believe on the other hand that if you're going to sit down and make a list of the reasons you love your life, staying on the positive side, and recognizing your accomplishments, you're going to love yourself a little more than you did before you started writing. And then a little more, and a little more after that.

They say (who are they? I don't know, but someone says it) that belief is a powerful thing. I think that sounds about accurate. It's hard to believe that we're superstar-beautiful. It's a little easier to believe that we're making progress in all areas of our lives; one area being self-image.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Affirming Well-Being

To start off, I would like to express that I am typing on my notebook, in the dark, with my contact lenses out of my eyes and in their case for the night.Therefor, I won't be proof reading. Clearly, I did not expect to be typing a blog post at nearly 11pm (for some reason I was about to point out that it is 11pm PST, and not GMT or any other time. But, it doesn't make any difference if I point that out. It's a blog post about affirming well-being, not about world time zones.

What's important is for us both to recognize that what we are contemplating, in this moment, actually matters- We are shaping our futures, consciously or not, by the mental conversations we're having with ourselves. I know what I don't want: I don't want to end my day with worries. I don't want to close my eyes and think about all the things that I have to do before 8am tomorrow. I just want to revel, rejoice, and feel peaceful in this moment as it is right now. It's easy to write that, but I'm not feelin' it yet. So, that's part of the reason I think it's really important that I stop talking about it and just start affirming the joy I feel in this moment. Feel free to read along and come back to this post whenever you need to bump-up your love affair with your life.

Okay, here we go. I feel pretty damn good about this moment right now.
I'm pleased that life is going the way I want it to go.
I feel blessed to know that I am cared for by a bigger part of myself.
I feel courageous, like a tiger.
I am becoming more and more like the person I have always wanted to be.
I am made of love.
Sometimes I don't like how I feel, but more often I do quite love how I feel.
I feel my eyes opening to greater possibilities for my life.
I feel joyful in my heart.
I am finding more than enough time to do all the things I want to do in my life.
I am empowered to make good decisions that help a lot of people.
I am becoming more and more confident in my strengths and abilities.
I am allowing myself to be imperfection.
I am finding peace and space naturally in my life.
I am full of joy and I share it with the people who matter most to me.
I am capable.
I am fulfilled.
I am strong.
I am able.
I drive the speed limit because it's safe.
My body is getting healthier by each good decision I make.
I am a good mother.
I am a naturally wonderful person.
I am a really good partner.
I am an excellent student.
I excel at everything I do, and when I don't meet my expectations, I give myself a pat on the back for not being the perfection I have expected of myself my entire life. And then I try harder next time.
I am joyous.
I laugh whenever I have the opportunity.
I smile at people even when they don't smile back.
I keep smiling at them.
I smile at myself in the mirror and I tell myself how good-looking I am.
I let myself feel the crappy feelings, and then I get back up and smile.
I forgive my parents.
I forgive myself.
My world is just the way it should be.
I am working toward my dreams, and my dreams are within reach.
I am where I want to be right now.
I am confidently, courageously, expectantly walking toward the good in life.
I am conscious of my self-imposed limits.
I am free of the limitations others put on me and on themselves.
I am awake to life's offerings, and I am grateful.

That's today. I will post again because this felt good. I hope someone else gets something from it as well :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Duffy The Dragon and Kate Noble

I'm really excited for Kate Noble and her ongoing Duffy The Dragon stories. She uses crowd-sourcing to publish her books, which I think is brilliant, and her writing style is magical enough to enchant children of all ages (and adults like me).

Every contribution is in support of more children having access to her great work,so if this excites you like it excites me, then check out her project below :)